Thursday, 25 February 2010

a man who has no regrets has done nothing with his life.

im pretty much confused with myself right about now. I know i want more but im not sure what more is. The idea of a relationship now seems to make me panic and want to run a mile. My art or let alone any art seems pointless lately. my housemates have left for exchange and im now in the deep end on my own.
Friends are like diamonds lately and i've started to make up for the people ive lost. i don't mean to hurt anyone and when i do, i do it because deep down i know that were both better off that way, without eachother.
all i would want to do is feel the warm summer breeze on my neck, close my eyes and take a deep breath. nothing fancy. i just want something simple yet beautiful.
maybe sit on a bench miles out of town, like the old man off ghost world waiting for the bus that never came.I wish i could get that bus.

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