Friday, 31 October 2008

Love Heart Notes. Lost Property

My art project was based around me investigating other people, but why not switch it?
What if they try and find out who the notes are from? What are these hearts? Who wrote this? Is it for me or someone else? Now they are investigating.

Here's the blog for this project [click]


UV skeleton :) = me

Dorcus and Poppy Aka Pat and Betty

Me and Paul

Me, Cesca the clown, Pat and betty

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Hello :)

Thought I'd start off with a picture of me and Cesca at the Union. :)
i apologise for the title. Didn't know what to put and it went with Goldilocks and fairy tales so tada.
Thought this would be the most simple way of letting friends and family know what I'm up to.

Uni is great, the classes are what i expected although i thought there would be alot more brain storming with groups that you actually could walk away from having ideas. My class we all discuss our art then have no feedback, everyone seems to think your OK with your own ideas.
From having our balloon and string workshop with the whole class its now gone a bit down hill in creativity, no one turns up to class, well i say no one around 16 people out of 300. Our Second class projects were to get into threes and come up with a piece of work to capture the time we've spent together so far as a course. My group came up with unopened letters and the meanings behind it. So we began our own collection.

This is my housemates including me. This lovely lot all joined me at the freshers ball, which we expected to be amazing. The theme was gold so we all really went for it, me personally just throwing anything together that shimmered including some cowboy boots i found for £2.
At the ball there they had decorated the outside, very pretty but had to close off outside by ten! because of noise and neighbours. so our whole year (who showed up) had to squeeze into the Small union. Where they gave out ipods for the best costumes. The girl who won third was only wearing gold sunglasses so it must have been fixed.

Our next ball is the Halloween ball, everyone is really looking forward to it, Dorcas and Poppy Being an Old Couple, Paul being a Play Bunny, Chrissie, Laura, Sophie and Viki being witches and Cesca being a pumpkin. All Making their costumes then me... Well I'm not going for something sexy to say the least. I've managed to make my own skeleton Costume out of scratch and cheap!
All I need is to paint my face for the big night which is still to come. ha ha. Sorry about the miserable face was waiting for the flash...Too late! All glow in the dark too!

At the moment our project is called "one meter square" which honestly i have no idea how to incorporate into the idea i have at the moment. Square, Forensics, Inside and out? And somehow i have Lost property, finders keepers and documenting. I have one more week to get some things together, if all else fails i shall just pin up pages of my sketch book, which is becoming more a sculpture than readable.

I took a sculpture class to try and get some inspiration "learning" more about casting. Although i already know how to cast most things and ended up casting a wax version of my hand. Spending about thirty minutes entertaining myself disco dancing with what looked like a white glove on my hand, others weren't so bubbly. When it came to the wax pouring, mine had gone terribly wrong, causing the wax to pour all over my tutors hand, but he didn't react at all. This was the end result.

Thought I'd leave this with a photo of The uni for good measure :)

I'll write more when i can actually think.
xxx xxx